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While the automotive industry is highly automated, huge opportunities remain for incremental growth. Collaborative robots are driving new efficiencies across the industry, in applications including machine loading, inspection, and assembly in the production of powertrain, electronics, and interiors.

A Complex, Competitive, and Demanding Industry

The average vehicle has 1,800 sub-assemblies and over 30,000 individual parts, all of which must be delivered on time, in spec, to the highest quality standards. The industry is constantly adapting, as product mix is constantly shifting, government regulations are demanding ever more complex safety systems and annual improvements in fuel efficiencies, and price volatility in raw materials and finished goods batters the bottom line. And the industry is in a massive transition to electric vehicles, which represents a huge investment from vehicle manufacturers and tier suppliers.

Cobot Automation Can Help

The automotive industry, from vehicle manufacturers through the Tiers, is facing a wide range of challenges in today’s post COVID environment. Labor unrest, interest rates that have almost doubled in 10 years, surging technology demands, and the transition to EV’s are the most obvious. The single unifying theme that is woven through every automotive challenge is change – the scope and pace of change in the industry is unprecedented.

That’s where collaborative automation from Universal Robots comes in. UR cobots are the masters of change in factory automation, flexible yet powerful tools that can be deployed, reprogrammed and re-deployed to meet the turbulence in the automotive industry head on. We call this Rapid Deployment Robotics, and it can be a key to the success of any supplier.

Industry Challenges

Advancements in technology Emergence of more complex safety requirements
Environmental concerns Transition to electric vehicles
Supply chain disruptions and production recovery Volatility in raw materials and components costs
Demanding consumer preferences Shifting product mix toward changing consumer tastes
Labor and talent shortage Ageing workforce difficult retention
Regulatory compliance Stricter governmental regulations


Collaborative robots from Universal Robots are helping automotive vehicle manufacturers and Tiers automate demanding assembly tasks, increasing efficiencies, improving quality, and moving skilled operators out of dull dirty and dangerous assignments.

See how Tier 2 Vitesco Technologies deployed multiple UR cobots to automate a complex assembly process.

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Screw Driving

Screw Driving

UR cobots are helping automate dull and dangerous screw driving and nut running tasks throughout automotive.  High repeatability and integrated force feedback maintains orientation and reduces quality failures.

See how Stellantis automated multiple final assembly tasks while improving worker safety and ergonomics.

Learn more about screw driving


Sealants, adhesives, foam-in-place gasketing and lubricants can all be dispensed with collaborative robots from UR.  Simplified programming, precise path control and the ability to integrated with dispensing controllers make deployment quick and easy and improves quality and reduces waste as well.

See how Ford Motor Company automated dispensing and quality inspection tasks on an existing engine assembly line.

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UR cobots are at the center of almost every welding process:  MIG/MAG, TIG, Laser, Ultrasonic, Spot and brazing, as well as plasma and oxy fuel cutting.  Repetitive welding hits all three pain points: dull, dirty and dangerous.

See how Tier 3 TW Stamping automated a manual ped spot welder, increasing productivity and freeing up a machine operator for higher value tasks.

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Machine Tending

Machine Tending

Machine tending remains the #1 application in robotics, and it’s no different in the automotive sector.  Manually loading and unloading CNC machine tools, injection molders, assembly dial tables, press brakes and other process machines for a full shift is the definition of a dull and potentially dangerous job that operators dislike.

See how global Tier 1 Continental Automotive increased productivity and freed up operators for higher value tasks:

Learn more about Machine Tending


Delivering the performance and product life cycles that automotive customers demand requires a laser focus on quality.  The average vehicle has approximately 30,000 individual parts, and complex sub-assemblies require flexible quality systems.

See how global Tier 1 GKN Driveline automated assembly and inspection processes to in a tight labor market, enabling the company to run 24/7.

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Didn’t see your application here?

Didn’t see your application here?

Popular UR Robot Models in Automotive

UR+ Ecosystem Products for Automotive

The UR+ partner program continues to grow, and now includes over 470 tested, validated and compatible accessories, peripherals and application solutions for UR cobots. The following are just a few of the UR+ products in use in the automotive industry.

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Integration Experts Ready to Help

Universal Robots has a well established partner program that can deliver turnkey systems in every application segment.


OEMs build standard solutions, leveraging the mechanical, control and software platform of the UR cobot. OEMs embed their deep process knowledge in the UR platform, delivering systems that are both easy to operate by shop floor personnel and quick to deploy into manufacturing cells or lines.

CSIs and CSPs

CSIs and CSPs are UR Certified Systems Integrators and Systems Providers delivering custom and semi-custom solutions built around UR cobots. Fully trained and certified by UR, CSIs and CSPs work with automotive OEMs and Tiers on a wide range of applications. Some CSIs and CSPs pursue projects at the individual plant level, while others have the scale to operate as line builders across multiple plants or large multi-disciplinary projects.

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