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Assembly line robotics with a collaborative robot arm

Assembly line robotics with a collaborative robot arm

A collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots can reduce assembly times, increase production speed and improve quality

Improve speed and process quality while reducing the risk of injury associated with working in close proximity to heavy machinery. With the right adaptor mechanisms UR collaborative robot arms can handle assembly of plastics, woods, metals or other materials. If the assembly robot comes into contact with a person, our patented technology limits the forces at contact. UR robots can also be programmed to operate in reduced mode when a human enters the robot’s work area and resume full speed when the person leaves.

Universal Robots provides a future-proof platform for small businesses looking to optimize productions. If your work flow changes, the assembly robotic arm can be deployed quickly and easily in new constellations due to its small size and lightweight design.

Intuitive software allows even the most inexperienced user to quickly grasp the basics of programming and set waypoints by simply moving the robot into position.



  • The UR robot can be used in most assembly applications. While being space-saving, it can also be reprogrammed quickly and used with different machines. Robot extensions can be customized to the manufacturing requirements.
  • Expand production capabilities with increase quality, consistency and production speed. The deployment of the robotic arm in new processes is fast and easy, giving you the agility to automate almost any manual task, including those with small batches or fast change-overs. The robot is able to re-use programs for recurrent tasks.
  • Lower your operation costs. Universal Robots gives you all the advantages of advanced robotic automation, with none of the traditional added costs associated with robot programming, set-up, and dedicated, shielded work cells. The average payback period of 195 days is the fastest in the robot industry.
  • Now you can replace human operators in dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs to reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries. Most of the thousands of UR robots worldwide operate with no safety guarding (after risk assessment), right beside human operators.

All Universal Robots’ robotics arms are certified IP-54. They will need protection when working in corrosive liquid environments.