Accessible Automated Welding

Get consistent weld quality and boost productivity with an automated welding tool 

Protecting A Lost Art

Welding is an outstanding and hard to master craft, but unfortunately, it is becoming an increasingly lost one. Manual welding requires a trained human eye and impressive dexterity for the most complex welds. However, automated welding tools are becoming critical in helping businesses beat the lack of skilled welders and meet demand.

Having a great tool up your sleeve

Adding a welding tool such as a collaborative robot (cobot) to do the repetitive, heavy-lifting welds enables you to do more and produce more parts, while freeing your experienced welders to focus on more exciting and complex welds.

With a robotic welding tool, you can achieve greater precision, speed, and consistency in every weld. Cobots can handle MIG, TIG, cutting (both plasma and oxy-fuel) as well as laser, spot and orbital welding.

Our welding systems are flexible, quick to deploy, straightforward for your welders to program, and customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. There are many advantages of using a robotic welding tool at your shop, including:

Welding Advantages

Increased Productivity Accept more business, even the small welds, and reach ambitious productivity levels
Protect Your Workers Safeguard and retain your skilled welders by allowing them to focus on more skill-demanding tasks and protecting them from dangerous fumes and injuries
Greater Quality Never compromise on weld quality and achieve great precision and consistency weld after weld
Cut Costs With less reworks, see savings on raw materials and on the energy bill, and get your investment back between 6 to 18 months

The learning curve isn’t as steep as what people think it is. The cost to get into it isn’t as much as people think. Don’t be afraid to take that step. You’re going to find out that even if it doesn’t go perfect, that ROI is going to be there in a pretty short time.

GREG LEFEVRE CEO and President at Raymath, USA

Complete solution for your welding needs

From initial project idea to striking the first arc, Universal Robots provides you with expert advice and the resources to get your cobot welding system running quickly and efficiently.

Following a preliminary assessment of your project’s specific needs, UR will connect you with the partner best suited to deliver a low-risk, tailored welding solution for your business.

Find your Collaborative Robot

Selecting the right cobot for your welding solution is a crucial first step to its success. UR10e and the UR20 cobots are the most recommended for welding due to their reach, payload capacity, and precision.

UR10e is a flexible cobot with a 12.5 kg payload capacity, widely used in welding solutions.

UR20 is a cobot built for heavier payloads (up to 20 kg), faster speeds, and superior motion control.

UR20 Size

UR20 Size

UR20 Reach

UR20 Reach

Get your welding guide

Keep exploring the benefits of automated welding and learn how businesses from different industries have been using collaborative robots to perform their welding tasks.

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