Enhanced machine tending

Bring efficiency, speed, and precision to an entire new level

Make the most of your (up)time

Every manufacturer is looking for the same: more output in the shortest time. Yet the current global staffing challenges can significantly hinder it.

That’s most likely why more businesses are exploring alternative solutions to automate the repetitive, heavy-duty machine tending tasks involving CNC, injection molding, press brakes, and stamping brakes.

Collaborative robots (cobots) are automation tools that can perform machine tending tasks and work alongside operators, helping fill persistent labor shortages while offering high-quality, consistent outputs 24/7.

By having operators focus on higher-value tasks that mitigate monotony and the risk of injury, your business can reduce staff turnover while enhancing employee satisfaction.

There are many advantages of using cobots in machine tending

The cobot helped free human labor from simple repetitive tasks, allowing flexible labor re-allocations. As a result, we can control production cost and increase product quality. Thanks to cobots our product failure rate has decreased from 0.03% to 0.01% and production efficiency has increased by 31%.

Y. S. PARK Production Manager, Hyundae Induction Hardening Heat Treatment

Machine Tending Advantages

Increased Efficiency Cobots can operate without interruptions, allowing businesses to boost efficiency by increasing machine utilization and significantly lowering production downtime
Fast Payback With increased production volumes and lower operational costs, businesses deploying cobots can lower operational costs and see a ROI within 6 to 9 months
Consistent Quality Cobots contribute to reduced mishandlings and inconsistent loading, which results in more quality parts and drives down the rate of scrap and rework needed
Update Your Facility Because of their many communication protocols and compact design, our cobots are the best option when retrofitting a robot to a legacy CNC machine

Turnkey solution for your machine tending needs

From project idea to loading the first lathe, Universal Robots provides you with expert advice and the resources to get your cobot cell running quickly and efficiently.

Within UR's ecosystem of trusted partners, you can find products and services to help you build your machine tending solution. From solution partners and OEMs prepared to create a tailored machine tending solution for your business to the largest showroom of cobot end-effectors, there's an optimal path to answer your machine tending needs.

Find your Collaborative Robot

Selecting the right collaborative robot for your machine tending solution is a crucial first step to its success. The UR5e, UR10e, and UR20 cobots are commonly used in machine tending applications.

Polyscope & Polyscope X

Polyscope & Polyscope X

Polyscope has been the leading cobot software since collaborative robots were invented. It was developed alongside our first cobot to enable users to program their cobots to perfrom the tasks they want

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