The Present and Future of AI-Driven Robotics 2:2

Episode summary

In this second part of our AI mini series, we're back with another thought-provoking episode of delving into into the complex world of AI ethics and the transformative role of artificial intelligence in manufacturing. Our guest, Ronnie Vuine, CEO and founder of Microspi Industries, brings a wealth of knowledge from the forefront of AI development for robotics.


Episode notes:

Key discussions in this second part includes:

- The evolving landscape of manufacturing jobs, highlighting a trend among youth that is challenging traditional manufacturing roles.

- A fascinating comparison between the AI in large language models, like ChatGPT, and the distinct AI technologies used in robotics.

- The ethic implications of AI

- Addressing the buzz around AI among C-level executives, and emphasizing the practical approach of demonstrating AI's efficacy to win over engineers in the manufacturing sector.

- An intriguing perspective on how AI is set to revolutionize our world in ways we can scarcely imagine - and the software that follows

Ronnie Vuine's insights not only shed light on the current and future state of AI in manufacturing, but also spark meaningful conversation about the ethical considerations and implications of these rapidly advancing technologies.

Tune in to this episode of "ReAutomated" for an insightful, precise, yet approachable discussion that bridges the gap between complex AI concepts and their real-world applications in manufacturing.

Episode highlights:

  • Cobots in building blocks: Drawing on his inspiration of playing with LEGO Technic as a child, Danny explains how and why using cobots in modular components can pave the way for highly customizable and flexible solutions.

  • Being a digital integrator: Imagine if you could find everything you wanted for your specific automation project in one place. With Danny’s vision of digital integration, that becomes reality, as he talks us through his platform and experience center, serving one-stop-shop for automation.

  • Starting your own (automation) business: Drawing on more than two decades of experience as an automation engineer and now being a successful company owner himself, Danny shares his concrete advice on how to start business in the field of automation.

  • Education through automation: When not busy developing building block solutions, Danny and his team engages with the local community by educating students on the many benefits of automation. Learn how, and why he think’s education is such a gamechanger within the field.

Host: Chris Savoia

Producer and editing: Andreas Haagen Birch

Editor: Morten Vium

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