How do you automate the nonautomated?

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How do you automate the nonautomated?

That’s the core question we discuss in this third episode of ReAutomated, as we’re joined by Matt Malloy, Automation Program Manager of the non-profit organization EWI  or Buffalo Manufacturing Works as it’s known in Western New York. Through his work, Matt helps smaller and medium-sized enterprises prepare for the future with automation – leaning on his decades of experience in advanced manufacturing technology.


Episode notes:

In this third episode of ReAutomated, we delve deeper into the transformative power of automation and cobots with Automation Program Manager, Matt Malloy of the non-profit organization EWI. This episode shines a spotlight on the crucial role technology plays in modern manufacturing, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Matt, an industry veteran with decades of experience spanning robotics and automation, semiconductor and nanotechnology, and consumer electronics manufacturing, has an intriguing story to tell. His journey takes us through his passion for technology and how he has seen the manufacturing industry evolve over the years. He underscores the dramatic change that automation can bring to businesses stuck in old ways of production, paving the way for improved efficiency and novel operational techniques.

As part of a non-profit dedicated to the adoption of advanced automation technologies, Matt shares the EWI's ambitious mission to assist manufacturers in their journey from manual processes to cutting-edge automation – in other words, automating the nonautomated. This includes everything from identifying new technologies, providing proof of concept, installing systems, and training teams, helping to break down barriers and illuminate the path towards automation.

Furthermore, Matt emphasizes the importance of addressing existing process issues before implementing automation, reflecting the belief that technological advancement should not serve as a mere Band-Aid for underlying problems. This holistic approach involves assessing both the process and technology, prioritizing and selecting innovative ideas, and equipping businesses with the tools and resources needed for successful implementation.

Ultimately, the goal of automation, according to Matt, should be to benefit both employers and employees, with a growing number of companies showing an increased willingness and interest in this win-win scenario.

Tune in to this episode as we once again look closer at the compelling intersection of human ingenuity and machine efficiency, and how they together are reshaping the future of manufacturing.

Episode highlights:

  • Unveiling the Transformative Power of Automation: Discover how advanced robotics can disrupt traditional manufacturing processes, offering improved efficiency and introducing innovative operational techniques. All while keeping jobs.
  • Navigating the Automation Journey: Learn about the supportive role of organizations like EWI in assisting manufacturers to transition from manual processes to cutting-edge automation, offering services from identifying and implementing new technologies, to training manufacturing teams.
  • Prioritizing Process Over Technology: Understand the importance of addressing existing process issues before implementing automation, emphasizing that technological advancements should not merely serve as a Band-Aid for underlying problems.
  • Creating a Win-Win Scenario: Hear about how the goal of automation should benefit both employers and employees, with an increasing number of companies showing a keen interest in this harmonious approach to modern manufacturing.

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