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What is it?

Electric 2-finger parallel gripper with smooth-running base jaws guided on roller bearings. The powerhouse for small parts handling is a revolution in the field of mechatronic grippers. The gripper is
easily controlled via digital inputs and outputs from the UR robot, and it can be assembled on the UR 3, UR 5 or UR 10.

How does it work?

The mounting, connecting and commissioning of the gripper is easily completed in just a few minutes. Just mount the unit with the flange and four screws to the tool interface of the robot. Connect the unit
electrically with the M8 plug to the connector of the robot. To set the switching points of the inductive proximity switches or adjust the gripping force, remove the cover parts as described in the operating
manual. The gripper can be easily controlled via the digital inputs and outputs from the tool interface of the UR robot.

Features and benefits
  • Designed for UR 3, UR 5 and UR 10
  • The gripping force can be adjusted in four stages up to a maximum of 140 N
  • Easy to integrate with the existing electrical and mechanical tool interface from UR
  • Integrated proximity switches for position feedback
  • Easy mounting without removing the protective cover
Technical details


UR3, UR5, UR10

Software version required: 

No special software is required.


The mechanical and electrical tool interface must be available with 24 V, GND and two digital inputs and outputs. A 4mm hexagon wrench is required to mount the gripper on the robot.

 Certifications and standards:

> Directive 2006/42/EG
> DIN EN ISO 12100:2011-03


Length = 108.1 mm (without base jaws)
Diameter = 98 mm

Kit contents:

Gripping system with EGP 40 gripper designed for use with UR robots. Integrated proximity switches, a circuit board with current limitation and NPN/PNP converter inside the flange.

The product can be requested under the number #1313563 at SCHUNK.
Delivery without fingers. Ask SCHUNK for standard or customized fingers.


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