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RG2 Gripper

The RG2 gripper is designed for a perfect fit on UR robots and is both flexible and easy to use. The high flexibility and easy programming help to reduce payback time of the installation. The RG2 gripper works without any external cables, so any robot movement can be carried out without worrying about cable placement.

The movement and force of the RG2 gripper can be controlled by the user. The control is done directly on the Universal Robots user interface. Both gripper and robot control are stored in the same program. The RG2 is capable of measuring the width of the object and detect if the object is grasped or not. All feedback signals are sent to the robot and can be used to make the robot act based on the inputs.

A secondary RG2 gripper can be connected if so required, allowing two grippers to be controlled from the robot – still without any external cables.

Features and benefits
  • Plug and Produce

  • Adjustable force

  • Control two grippers

  • Failsafe operation

  • Continuous force

  • Simple programming

  • Integrated control board

  • Simple and quick installation

  • Designed for all UR robots

  •  Payload: 2 Kg

  •  Gripping Force: 3-40N

  •  Stroke: 110mm total

  •  Weight: 650g

  •  Force and width detection
Technical details

Includes a URCap plugin:



UR3, UR5, UR10
CB2, CB3.0, CB3.1

Software version required: 

PolyScope 1.2 or higher.



Certifications and standards:

2014/30/EU — Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)
2011/65/EU — Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)



Kit contents:

Everything needed:
 - RG2
 - Bracket
 - USB
 - Screws

License type:

One-time purchase

EMC / noise level:

2014/30/EU — Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)

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