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When I developed the first UR robot I did so with a clear vision: To make collaborative robots accessible to companies of all sizes. That vision has stayed with me ever since and I still go to work every day to raise the bar in collaborative robot technology.

That’s why we have created the Developer Program. A place for our knowhow to join forces with your knowhow and bring the world new collaborative robot opportunities. We’ll provide tools, support and a dedicated space for interaction. So if you also believe the future is collaborative, sign up to become part of the Developer Program and let’s take robot technology to the next level together.

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What is Universal Robots+?

Universal Robots+ is a showroom with Universal Robots-certified end-effectors, software and accessories – designed specifically to work flawlessly with the UR robots. One of the many plusses of the showroom is that it allows distributors and end-users to find everything they need in one place. And why not let one or more of the showcased products be yours?

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How do I get my product showcased?

Universal Robots+ welcomes both new inventions and products already on the market. The only requirement is that they must be designed for integration with our UR robots. When you submit a product our experts will verify that it meets the requirements. Some products may receive a “Certified by Universal Robots” seal of approval, which you are then free to use elsewhere.

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A free marketing platform

Yes, it’s true. Universal Robots+ is completely free for you to use. The showroom puts your products on global display and provides a direct link between you and potential customers – and yet it won’t cost you a thing. We provide the space and you provide the content.

New software – new opportunities
One of the advantages you will meet straight away when you join the Developer Program is access to our new software platform, which allows you to design a much more user-friendly product for the UR robots than before. Now, it’s possible to let the product functionality be shown in the teach pendant so the integrator or end-user can easily and intuitively integrate the functionality into their UR robot. Join the Developer Program and download the new software from our Developer Forum.
We are here for YOU

When you join the Developer Program, you will have access to the following support and backup: • Test of your product at our regional offices (by appointment) • Purchase of a UR robot at reduced price for development purpose • A dedicated developer support function

Ready to join?

Use the link below to become part of the Developer Program. As soon as we receive your application we will process it and get back to you within 10 days.

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