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If you haven’t automated your machine tending tasks yet, you’re probably struggling with recruiting and retaining workers for these monotonous tasks or concerned about how you can maximize machine hours.

No one has time for downtime. That’s why many turn to collaborative robots (cobots) to perform such tasks.

Join our insightful online event, learn from customers, industry leaders and experts, and find how the newest collaborative technology is pushing businesses forward through robotic machine tending and is helping them reach unmatched productivity levels.

Expert panel with Q&A

Expert panel with Q&A

Join us for an engaging panel discussion and discover the transformative power of robotic machine tending. Hosted by our machine tending expert, Daniel Pintar, industry leaders and experts gather to share exclusive insights and cutting-edge strategies. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with the tools and knowledge to revolutionize your business and reach unparallel productivity.

Customer success stories

Customer success stories

Discover how collaborative robots are revolutionizing industries through robotic machine tending. Witness firsthand how this smart technology works harmoniously alongside humans, driving efficiency, boosting productivity, and opening new possibilities.

UR20 robot live demo

UR20 robot live demo

See the groundbreaking UR20 robot in action. The newest Universal Robots’ cobot family member is ready to impress with its incredible capabilities. Don’t miss the chance to see it working in a live machine tending demonstration. Find how you can use it in your factory or warehouse, ask all your questions and get the answers from the UR experts and amazing partners.

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