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ReAutomated: The virtual experience | How to boost productivity with automation

It’s about your factory, your business, your success, your future

Now it’s the time to get your productivity going! This is your opportunity to discover the solutions that will make you reach higher productivity goals.

Join us for a series of online conferences as experts and experienced professionals convene to discuss the future of manufacturing automation.

Get a hold of the challenges of today’s market: the ever-changing customer demand, the alarming labor shortages, supply chain challenges, and start steering your business towards success.

Having the right strategies and tools to be prepared and to overcome such challenges is key to keeping your company thriving and competitive.

Get ready for three inspiring days of learnings, connections, and game-changing insights. Together, let's harness the power of collaborative robots and pave the way for a future where technology and humans work hand in hand for unparalleled productivity.

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Discover how you can increase efficiency, quality and productivity
Learn from customer stories and industry experts
Experience live demos of the groundbreaking UR20 robot

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