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Support Log Reader

Support Log Reader (SLR) is a software intended for reading log files from a UR robot.

When loading the log file in SLR, the language can be translated into any language

Applicable to:

  • All Universal Robots software versions


  • Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or greater

    • Windows installation: Download the appropriate version at Java download and execute the file to install.


  • Download SLR

  • Unzip file

Running the program:

  • Windows. There are two options, either install SLR using the SLR installer.exe which will install the application, or run the SupportLogReader.exe directly which is more suited for a one time run.

  • Other OS. Go to All folder and run Support Log Reader.sh (Linux) or Support Log Reader.bat (Windows, if the above approach is not appropriate for you).

How to open log file:

  • Click File in top left corner

  • Select Open Log and browse to the file location

Program tips:

  • MessagesWarnings and Errors can be displayed/hidden by clicking/unclicking the three icons in top right corner

  • Search for any text/error code from the Text Search field

  • Expand/collapse each log start. Note, that after loading the log file everything is collapsed and only the summary for each log start is visible.

Difficulty: Standard

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