Universal Robots Academy


Here’s your chance to learn to master the robots from Universal Robots. The six easy online training modules are built to deliver hands-on learning via interactive simulations to maximize your engagement. The free online training is open to everybody in these languages: English, Spanish, German, French or Chinese.

Are you a distributor or integrator? Universal Robots also features a series of physical training opportunities. Please contact your local Universal Robots sales representative.


Module 1
First look: Features and terminology
9 min

Module 2
How the robot works
10 min

Module 3
Setting up a tool
22 min

Module 4
Creating a program
24 min

Module 5
Interaction with external devices
13 min

Module 6
Safety settings
9 min

UR robot user

“The UR Academy modules will be the basic foundation for all UR robot training here at Whirlpool. I really liked the interactive approach; the fact that you have to grab the ruler on the screen and measure the tool flange, then input the numbers on the teach pendant – just like you would in real life - makes it very hands-on and transferable to what we would actually be doing here at our plant."


UR robot distributor

“As an outside Account Manager without an engineering background, I found the UR training extremely efficient.  The short, concise modules are very user friendly while providing great product overview.”


UR robot distributor

“It took just a little over an hour to complete all six modules. I had no actual hands-on experience with a UR robot at this point, but when our first demo robot arrived I had it up and running in 10 minutes thanks to the insights provided by the UR Academy."


Education facility

"The online modules are amazingly simplistic in their approach yet cover all the necessary building blocks that you need to complete basic UR robot training. It’s a much easier curriculum to access than any other training materials I’ve come across; in hours you can learn what it would take weeks to accomplish with other robots."