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Here you can download a lot of useful files including manuals, drawings, robot software update and more! Select your download from the menus below

Select robot type

Label on the robot arm and control box will show what type it is.

Select type of download for CB-Series

Search for article 17278 for more info on "How to use this Support site"

Select type of software

Robot software should ONLY be installed by trained personnel.
The software is not backwards compatible.

Software is covered under End User Software Licence Agreement. Please find this under software selection.

Select a Magic file for

For CB2, CB3.0, CB3.1 and e-Series
A magic file is for:
- backup log history
- backup configuration files
- backup programs
- screen shot of GUI
- upload programs

The file is ready to download

Backup Log file

Supported controller types:

CB2 and CB2.1

CB3.0 and CB3.1



How to Backup files

  1. Download magic file.
  2. Save it in root folder on USB stick.
  3. Insert USB stick into the robot.
  4. A red "! USB !" warning sign will appear on the screen, Warning: do not remove the USB stick when in progress.
  5. The file will do it's magic.
  6. A green "<- USB" sign will appear on the screen, telling that it is ok to remove the USB stick.
  7. Remove USB stick.

*) folder will be generated on USB stick named after the robots serial number and files will be copied to this location

**) If more than one magic file is on a USB stick, they will be run in sequence, the warnings will then appear for each file. Do not remove the USB stick before after the last file have been run.

Difficulty: Standard

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