MachineBuilder - Design Robot Cells in Your Browser

MachineBuilder - Design Robot Cells in Your Browser


Vention's MachineBuilder is the fastest and easiest way to design and order customized robot cells for the factory-floor. MachineBuilder features public application templates, smart design tools, real-time pricing and a simple, online check-out process, all of which redefine how users procure automated equipment, robot cells and tooling.

Accessible from any web-browser, our manufacturing automation platform is the gateway to a curated library of 1,000+ industrial-grade, modular automation components that have been tested for compatibility with Universal Robots.

Users can also simulate robot movement and sequences with MachineLogic, directly from the design platform. MachineLogic helps validate that a UR design can perform the intended application before ordering.

Design your next cobot pedestal, assembly station, or 7th axis range extender in minutes with MachineBuilder.


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