Cobot Rapid Series Palletizer

Cobot Rapid Series Palletizer


Vention’s palletizing solutions are where perfection meets simplicity. They are designed to elevate your operational efficiency by eliminating risks associated with manual, repetitive, and tedious tasks. Experience a seamless transition to automation and enjoy the benefits of a fast and reliable palletizing solution.

Available in 3 configurations: UR10e fixed height, UR20 fixed height, and UR10 telescopic column High throughput of up to 13 picks per minute.

2-day on-site deployment to minimize downtime and start reaping the benefits quickly.

3 SKUs pre-programmed by Vention tailored to your specific needs. 1-hour training session to ensure your staff can operate the palletizer with confidence and efficiency.

1-year free Remote Support ensures the continued smooth operation of your system. Automate your packaging process with a state-of-the-art solution that combines speed, precision, and simplicity to redefine your automation experience.


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