TERLATEC SnowBlaster TS10 UR

TERLATEC SnowBlaster TS10 UR


What is the TERLATEC SnowBlaster?
The TERLATEC SnowBlaster is very versatile in use. It can be used for cleaning sensitive surfaces or plastic parts. During the production of plastic articles, the tool separation usually leaves a small burr on the plastic part. This burr can now be removed quickly with the SnowBlaster without leaving any residues, instead of resorting to normal mechanical methods. The system provides the greatest cleanliness and process reliability during the dry ice snow treatment.
The SnowBlaster can also be excellently deployed for deburring thermo-formed parts after milling or as a pre-treatment for painted parts.

How can you benefit from this product?
The TERLATEC SnowBlasting Kit for a Universal Cobot offers you a great solution of a completely automated snow blasting system. You can easily integrate this cleaning process into your consisting production line. It is possible to complete this system by a housing, suction system and carbonic acid tank.

Application areas are plastics engineering, medical technology, automotive industry, tool construction, clean room technology and electronics industry.


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