Finishing Copilot

Finishing Copilot


Automate all finishing processes requiring the robot to bring the finishing tool to the part:

Generate a finishing path in minutes. Program complex finishing trajectories by teaching less than 10 waypoints, even on complex, spherical surfaces. Apply con"&"stant force at each cycle.

Validate the part's position by using reference points on the part. If there’s a slight change, the robot program will automatically adapt to all related parameters.

Automate all finishing processes requiring the robot handling "&"the part against a fixed finishing tool:

Make sure the robot offers a flawless finish over the whole part’s surface by operating with constant speed and force over the external tool center point.

Compensate for external tool wear at any given time, usin"&"g a reference point on the tool to let the robot notice any movement, and automatically adapt all related program parameters.


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