WeCobot Welding System

WeCobot Welding System

OLP Robotics

Feature-packed yet simple to use, the WeCobot turnkey welding system is designed as a tool for use by welders and operators, enabling them to rapidly increase productivity and combat the skills shortage crisis. With a complete system solution, implementation is fast and low risk, operators with no previous robotics experience can be trained and running the system in production within one day, freeing up their valuable time to focus on other tasks, or run multiple cobot welding systems at once.

Bringing together some of the most advanced cobot technologies with a range of add-ons available, the WeCobot system is designed for ultimate flexibility and is tailorable to many use case. Whether it’s fixed benchwork, a mobile setup, or a mix of both, OLP Robotics will configure the package to suit each customers particular needs.

Whilst the system can be paired with any brand of welder, OLP Robotics choose to integrate with Fronius due to the unique and powerful ability to utilise the TAST signal for seam finding and tracking (with the optional advanced feature module). The WeCobot + Fronius system is capable of dynamically updating the weld path to keep the weld in the root during live welding.

OLP Robotics are closely involved in development with WeCobot and have successfully commissioned several systems throughout Australia. With a remote access module included, technical support and troubleshooting is available straight away without requiring any travel.


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