LiFo storage system

LiFo storage system


With the LiFo storage system (feeder with storage) you get a stand-alone solution for the flexible storage of workpieces with a backup time of up to 16 hours for your assembly line, packaging or processing machine, for example during the night shift, to expand your capacities or to compensate for staff shortages.

The integrated cobot (collaborating robot) UR5e enables it to take over various handling tasks after convienient adjustment of the parameters. The LiFo storage system takes over the loading and unloading of your equipment, component testing, various measuring tasks or several assembly steps.

By using a servo gripper, the LiFo storage system handles your vulnerable parts (for example glass, ceramics) very gently. The LiFo storage system has an OPC UA interface.

With its convenient transport option, the LiFo storage system can be used flexibly in your production. You can position the LiFo storage system using the integrated transport rollers. For larger distances, holders for industrial trucks are incorporated.

Workpieces are picked up in the task-specific modified workpiece carrier (in the standard version with a pick-up area of 250 x 400 mm and a max. total weight of 40 kg/WT).

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