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The CoBo-Stack is a versatile palletizing solution. It can stack anything from paper to packets of various sizes and heights.

The CoBo-Stack does the unpopular monotonic tasks for you, hence gives you or your employees the freedom to focus on more important parts of production. Through its dual pallet design the CoBo Stack is able to run continuously 24/7.

The CoBo-Stack has proven its value with a wide range of happy customers. MBO delivers the CoBo-Stack ready for use. Plug it into a normal socket and with a short briefing it´s ready to go. The unique patented gripper lets you stack a wide range of products. Our intelligent software allows for over 30 different palletizing layouts, to give you all the layouts you’re used to. Through its mobile design on four wheels, it can easily be put where needed, and is ready to start a new job in less than five minutes.


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