RPZ Palletizer

RPZ Palletizer

IRIS Factory Automation

The RPZ-10 Palletizer is one of the most fully featured, compact, easy to use, turn key collaborative palletizer on the market. This pre-engineered cell is designed to plug and play at the end of a manufacturing line with no assembly or programing required.

The RebelPak Palletizing Wizard software that resideds on a HMI touch screen, empowers any level operator to engage directly with the palletizing cell. The operator is able to create new pallet pattern recipes, fully operate and maintain the RPZ-10 Palletizer without the use of the teach pendant.

The RPZ-10 Palletizer is made to be flexible for easy change over to handle high mix operations as well as accommodate for a large array of box sizes. The standard RPZ-10 Palletizer comes with the multizone End of Arm tool with the ability to pick one or more boxes at a time while placing them anywhere on the pallet.

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