Humatics Milo Microlocation System

Humatics Milo Microlocation System


The Humatics Milo Microlocation System enables UR robotics to precisely interact with key assets external to the robotic arm in real-time enabling a new set of manufacturing automation applications to be delivered to improve productivity, quality, and profitability.

With Humatics Microlocation enabled alongside a robotic arm, you can accomplish highly precise tasks including in-motion assembly. The technology is well suited for the manufacturing environment enabling robotic arms to directly receive high fidelity positional data to take action on a moving part as it moves dynamically through a work space, such as a car chassis, an engine, etc., regardless of the lighting condition, clothes colors of workers, etc. The work cell becomes a digital ecosystem enabling a new class of robotic automation to improve productivity, quality and profitability.

Examples include:

  • Enabling robotic arms to accomplish in-motion assembly on an automotive final assembly line for improved productivity and quality. This includes engine bolt torquing, chassis bolt torquing, engine and chassis inspection, 7th axis tracking, etc.
  • General industry manufacturing lines that require the extraction of fixtured parts from pallets by robotic arms allowing for greater productivity and increased margins.
  • Enabling robotic arms that are placed on AMRs to become highly functional and precise in relation to the work they need to accomplish when the arm pulls up to a work zone on the mobile platform enabling the promise of a highly dynamic work cell.
  • In motion EV battery pick and/or placement from/to AGVs and AMRs, and battery placement and attachment to a moving chassis including aligning robotics to moving platforms.
  • Many more…

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