GarLine C

GarLine C

Garmo Instruments

GarLine C is a seam tracking optical laser sensor for automated welding designed to ensure an easy installation and use on welding cobots with an integrated multifunctional URCap for setting seam and welding parameters. GarLine sensors aim to ease welding process without a need for specialised welder. GarLine C is the first smart, intuitive and robust sensors in the market, which simplifies even more the automated welding, especially for low volumen high-mix welding applications.

Thanks to GarLine laser seam tracking optical sensors, companies can improve the welding quality, significantly reduce unnecessary waste and decrease production costs. The installation and use are made easier and more accessible for non-professional operators.

What makes GarLine sensors diff erent is the inclusion of a connection system adapted to the new IoT Technology. The sensor supports most of TPC/IP protocols, and the web interface eliminates the need of a specific software.

GarLine features a disposable polycarbonate protective window and an internal waterproof Gorilla Glass window. The mounting plate, with ARC-Swiss fi xing and integrated water cooling circuit, grants a rapid and easy sensor switching..


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