AMAS - Tele-Operation System

AMAS - Tele-Operation System

Extend Robotics

The easy way to tele-operate Universal Robots: Advanced Mechanics Assistance System (AMAS) from Extend Robotics allows a Universal Robot to be tele-operated by a remote user over the Internet. Using an off-the-shelf virtual reality headset and handsets, intuitive arm-and-hand gestures can be used to control the robot in every degree-of-freedom and actuate the end-effectors.

Within the AMAS virtual reality environment, user is immersed in a game-like 3D representation of the robot's workspace. This 3D environment is generated using a small peripheral SenseKit attachment that fits to the base of the Universal Robot. Thereby allowing a non-technical user to tele-operate the arm from any remote location over any network, either local or Internet.

Why is this useful? Tele-operation can be used in situations where it is hard to achieve full automation. It can also be used to maintain continuity in workflows at times when it is inconvenient to go into the workplace (for example: unloading a 3D-print or a CNC machine over the weekend; refreshing the feedstock; or initiating a new job).

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