Dahl Palletizing Kit

Dahl Palletizing Kit

Dahl Automation

Dahl Palletizing Kit - The compact palletizing solution with mobile frame and two pallet locations

The Dahl Palletizing Kit for use with Universal Robots UR10 e-Series is an easy to use, flexible palletizing solution. The two control cabinets and the Ewellix Liftkit carrying the Cobot with a maximum stroke of 500-900 mm and a maximum lifting speed of 80 mm/s are conveniently located on a mobile frame equipped with castors. Thus, the overall very compact kit can be used in your house wherever it is needed.

The ultra-lightweight Dahl VacuGrip VG-3020/6 vacuum gripper, which can be controlled via the UR touch pad, has six suction points and, as a standard handling tool, its polyurethane suction inserts in combination with the UR10 enable particularly sensitive gripping of packages and cartons weighing up to 9.6 kg. Due to its dimensions, the VacuGrip VG-3020/6 is ideally suited for the Euro norm standard carton 300 x 200 mm.

A free packing pattern design with intuitive operation is possible with our Universal Robots compatible palletizing software Dahl LogiSort. For "freestyle robot palletizing" the user can design any packing pattern in minutes simply offline and completely intuitively by drag & drop. The robot then stacks the packages on the pallet in an optimized way according to the configured identical or layer-wise varying patterns. Depending on the gripper used, simultaneous handling of several packages is also possible.

The Dahl Palletizing Kit may be optionally expanded with further components, e.g. an individual gripper solution, which can also be controlled via the Universal Robots touchpad due to the Dahl VacuGrip Adapter used. Maybe you are thinking of a connected conveyor belt in the periphery or a UR-integrated flexible camera solution from the Dahl Vision System programme, so that your robot does not lose track when de-palletising. Also interesting might be an intralogistic connection of the Dahl Palletizing Kit's pallet areas by an automated guided vehicle system.


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