Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series

Carbon Vacuum Gripper, CVGC Series


With their innovative design, Coval’s CVGC carbon vacuum grippers correspond perfectly to the weight constraints, flexibility and safety of collaborative robot applications for handling of cardboard boxes, plastic or metal parts.
The CVGC series is composed of:

  • a carbon structure, 2.5 times lighter than aluminum and offering mechanical strength 6 times greater.
  • flexible material on the gripper edges, to protect both gripper and operator.
  • foam gripping interface, for versatile product handling
  • a plastic “function” block, including vacuum generator, pilot control cartridge, silencer and vacuum switch.
  • an URCap plugin allowing simplified integration and programming.
  • all this, in a very compact and ultralight design, guarantees a fast setup and easy integration on the robot.

The three standard formats allow you to choose your CVGC and ensure the handling of your loads.



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