Laser Welding Cell

Laser Welding Cell

Cobot Systems

Discover the industry-first Laser Welding Cobot System designed as a complete engineered package for automating welding processes typically done with MIG/GMAW or TIG/GTAW.

Take Advantage of an All-in-one Laser Welding Robot

Our comprehensive solution includes a UR10e cobot, IPG LightWeld laser welder, UR Cap software, safety interface, work cell enclosure, work table, and modular fixtures and clamps. The Laser Welding Cobot System can weld a wide range of materials and material gauges, ensuring high-quality, repeatable results on every job.

Traditional welding methods are time-consuming and difficult to learn. TIG welding is a time-consuming, two-handed method requiring an experienced, highly-skilled welder. MIG welding requires a consumable wire, material pre-cleaning, and beveled joints for thick metals for full penetration. Using the IPG LightWELD laser welder, this cobot system works wonders on a variety of materials and thicknesses, delivering flawless results with minimal distortion, deformation, undercutting, or burn-through.


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