Alca Pallettizer is a collaborative robot palletizer that can handle payloads of up to 11.5kg at seven boxes per minute*, without a fence or cage surrounding it. The small footprint gives flexibility and scalability in its location and it can be moved easily on other end of lines thanks to the rugged design and the forklift entrance.

Following ISO standard 13849 and TS/15066 for robots, the Alca Pallettizer is designed to work alongside personnel, if an operator comes into contact with the robot arm, it will automatically stop to reduce the risk of injury; Laser scanner, radars and other safety devices can also be integrated for maximize safety (Optional on request).

Alca Pallettizer comes with fully integrated Rocketfarm "Pally" software. This allows to quickly design a new pallet pattern or load an existing one, including interlayers and adjustments for label location. Robot movemens are optimized and syncronized with its telescopic pillar for the quick pick per minutes.

Typical programming can be done in 15 minutes. Alca Palletizer is easy to install and configure, destined to become a new work colleague! Space that can be shared with the workers without physical barriers, design to fulfill the demand of  supplier of large scale distribution.


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