Furniture and equipment

Robots offer considerable benefits to the furniture and equipment industry along the production process to improve the quality of the fabricated product. A collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots delivers impressive levels of precision and consistency while reducing your margin of error. There are even more efficiency and quality benefits associated with the implementation of robot arms in the furniture-producing industry:

Collaborative robots in Furniture and equipment

The production process of furnishings is often still manual work. Flexible deployment of a robot arm to produce individual products like furniture is key to competitiveness. Moving the robot arm from Universal Robots to new processes is fast and easy and gives you the agility to automate almost any manual task. Production and distribution of furniture and equipment is labor-intensive, tedious, and physically stressful. Material handling of heavy furniture is one of the main robotic applications to avoid physical burdens for your workers. The results are more consistent products. This also means improving the fit and finish of your goods while increasing productivity across the production line.



Quickly and affordably adapt assembly lines for new requirements. Lightweight collaborative robot arms can be easily programmed and redeployed and can even be mounted on carts for mobility



Add new functionality without expensive changes to production lines. Meet competitive demands for faster output and lower costs, even in processes not typically suited for automation



Increase quality and consistency in repetitive tasks where human workers struggle. Collaborative robots can work non-stop while operators focus on higher-value tasks

Choose the right collaborative robot for your applications

A range of Universal Robots models are available to address automation needs from precision tasks to long reach and high payload requirements. The UR10e model is widely used in automotive applications to address diverse processes.

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