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In this fast-moving industry, agility is the key to competitiveness. Whether you’re building sub-assemblies, loading and unloading test fixtures, or kitting and packaging products, flexible collaborative robots can improve productivity, quality, and consistency.

Collaborative robots in Electronics & technology

Safe alongside workers (after a risk assessment), cobots can handle precise tasks such as insertion, dispensing, screwdriving, or labeling with high repeatability. As you automate these repetitive processes, you can redeploy skilled workers to more valuable tasks. Collaborative robots are also an ideal way to distance workers on production lines, by filling in upstream or downstream processes.

Cobot arms are lightweight and easy to program, so they can be easily moved from one production line to another—or moved from production to packaging or palletizing—as needed. Even in competitive electronics manufacturing, cobots can pay for themselves in under a year.



Quickly adapt assembly, testing or packaging lines for new requirements. Collaborative robots can be easily programmed and redeployed. These lightweight robot arms can even be mounted on carts for greater mobility.



Even small and mid-sized electronics manufacturers can afford collaborative robots to drive productivity. Meet competitive demands for faster output and lower costs, and see ROI typically in less than a year.



Increase quality and consistency in repetitive tasks where human workers struggle. Cobots can reliably perform delicate assembly operations, precise glue dispensing, and consistent test and measurement processes without breaks.

The UR3 was elegant, it was fast and smooth. We knew it had the exact precision that we really wanted. Our project reject rate has gone from double digits to below 1%, our overhead is significantly reduced while the increase in our production is a high multiple.

Einar Rosenberg, CEO, Creating Revolutions

Choose the right collaborative robot for your applications

A range of Universal Robots models are available to address automation needs from precision tasks to long reach and high payload requirements. The UR10e model is widely used in automotive applications to address diverse processes.

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