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Matthew Bush

Matthew Bush

Occupation: COO & Cofounder at Hirebotics, LLC

Biography: I am a Mechanical Engineer who has been playing with robots since 2007 when one was dropped off on my desk by a disgruntled integration partner (just a Yamaha Scara, so pretty small). I have been working with UR robots since 2014 and have installed at least 1 or 2 of them across the US in both my own production environment as well as customers. I have been focused on welding with the Cobot Welder, powered by Beacon, since 2020.

Interests: PolyScope, URScript, communication protocols, 3-D printing, hardware integration, machining, welding

UR Forum: mbush

GitHub: mbush92

LinkedIn: Matthew Bush

Ted Weerts

Ted Weerts

Biography: Ted Weerts is a seasoned professional with a solid background in manufacturing engineering, product design, and CNC machines. With extensive experience in the wire & cable industries and firearms sector, Ted has consistently delivered exceptional results. In their previous role, they successfully led the construction and development of a robotic machine tending program. Today, as the driving force behind Process Robotics, Ted leads a startup focused on developing machine tending cell controllers, software, and customized cobot integrations. With their expertise, businesses across various industries can benefit from efficient automation solutions for machine tending, welding, palletizing, and more.

Interests: CNC machine tending, software development, URCaps

UR Forum: roguebuck

Linkedin: Ted Weertz

Maximilian Palm

Maximilian Palm

Occupation: Automation Trainer and Technician

Biography: I am a qualified mechatronics technician with studies in computer science. My expertise lies in UR applications, URScript, and URCap development. Additionally, I can offer insights into Python, C++, Microcontrollers, and CAD. I have a passion for teaching and find it really fun to share my development knowledge with young students and let them be creative and get their hands dirty in design and development of Cobots. In my spare time, I am a climber and a tinkerer :) Let's connect and explore together.

Interests: URScript, URCap development, Machining, 3-D printing, communication protocols

UR Forum: maximilian.palm

LinkedIn: Maximilian Anton Palm

Marta Millet

Marta Millet

Occupation: Project Manager at Robotnik Automation

Biography: I am Marta, a Robotics Project Manager specialized in mobile manipulators. One of the main challenges is the constant update and integration of Universal Robots arm in our own manufactured mobile bases! I am very curious and interested in new technologies to apply to the Industry and Research!

Interests: URScript, URCap development, Integration with Mobile Bases, ROS/ROS2 Driver

UR Forum: mmillet

Github: martamillet

LinkedIn: Marta Millet Pascual Leone

Wojciech Góral

Wojciech Góral

Occupation: Senior Automation & Robotics Engineer at ProCobot Sp. z o.o. Sp. o.

Biography: My name is Wojciech Góral and I'm from Poland. I specialize in application engineering - I create, analyze and optimize applications, often supporting users from the technical side. (PolyScope, URScript, CAM and also Python). My skills include: Common applications, Toolpath applications, UR<>MiR connectivity.

Besides, I provide UR/MiR training at all levels, create PoC solutions and design new workstations with UR and MiR robots or together as a UR on MiR sollution.

Personally, I really enjoy testing new features and solving application problems, finding solutions gives me great satisfaction. Catch me through one of the forms of contact and we will definitely find a solution!

Interests: URScript, URCap development, Machining, 3-D printing, communication protocols, g-code using RTCP-toolpath, integration UR with MiR (deploy several solutions), Analysis of the applications (overloads, smoothness, choosing the correct program parameters)

UR Forum: wojciech.goral

LinkedIn: Wojciech Góral

Jun Zheng (Quentin) Wang

Jun Zheng (Quentin) Wang

Occupation: Software Development Engineer at Suzhou Nonead Robot S&T Co., Ltd.

Biography: I’m an experienced software development engineer and has been working on URCap development for 4 years. In the past, I have been involved in URCap development for 3D cameras, grippers, palletizers and other UR+ products. I specialize in URCap development, URScript programming, and UR application programs. I’m committed to developing URCap tools that improve efficiency and ease of use, and I’m constantly exploring new applications for UR robotics. In addition, I am actively involved in the integration of UR and MiR software and would be happy to share my experience in this regard.

Interests: URScript, URCap development, communication protocols, UR and MiR Integration, , hardware integration

UR Forum: quentinwang

LinkedIn: 王钧正

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