Develop with cobot

Setup, program and operate a cobot. Use the teach pendant to develop your application.

Cobots for developers

Cobots for developers

A cobot from Universal Robots is a 6-axis articulated robotic arm, but it is also a control box for connecting equipment, and a teach pendant that includes a graphical user interface for easy setup, configuration and programming.

A cobot is everything you need to develop your first application. There is even a simulated cobot (URSim) available for download. Use it if you don’t have access to a cobot, if you are on the road or if you simply want to develop something from your desk.

You don’t have to “develop for the cobot” using a lot of complicated tools. You can “develop with the cobot” and this is the easiest way to get started.

Start with the E-learning

Start with the E-learning

You can unbox, setup and start developing with your cobot right away. However, we recommend that you start with the E-learning. It’s the fastest way to learn key concepts and get an overview of what the cobot can do.

You probably want to start with the E-Learning Core Track for E-Series cobots.

Tracks covering additional topics are available, but if you have access to a cobot, it’s probably good to get some hands-on experience after having completed the Core Track. Also note that there is separate E-learning available for the old generation of CB3 cobots.

Develop hardware and software together

Develop hardware and software together

If you have ever developed software for a computer, you probably used whatever computer that was available, without thinking too much about selecting the right computer for the software you were about to develop. Don’t think like that when developing with a cobot.

Developing a cobot application is a combination of selecting, configuring and developing both hardware and software. If you are stuck solving a problem with software, you can often benefit from rethinking your hardware configuration or how you integrate with a machine. If the hardware mounted on or around your cobot is hard to change, it is often faster to find a software solution to make things work.

We recommend adopting an approach to cobot development that is incremental and has a focus on both hardware and software. There might be expections to this rule. However, if you are building your first cobot application, I’d claim that it’s almost always the shortest path to an easy victory.

Use what is already there

Use what is already there

When developing your first cobot application, it’s easy to overthink how much you need to develop. Many cobot applications are built with machine, parts and other components that were already there before the robot.

A great example is simple machine tending applications. Many successful cobot applications are built next to a CNC machine, a plastic moulding machine or some other kind of machine that was already there before the cobot.

We recommend building your first cobot application by tackling a problem that a human can already do, and we recommend solving it with as little development as possible. When you have something working, you can always add more things to make your application faster or to solve a bigger part of the problem you have at hand.

We know that it is not always obvious what is easy and what is difficult but try your best to keep things simple. If you are stuck, follow the example of others, or get in touch with someone that has more experience.

Explore additional resources

The most important resources for developing with the robot.

User manual

The user manual is a great resource. It is shipped with every cobot, and it covers many topics that go beyond “developing with a cobot”. The include safety, mechanical interfaces, electrical interfaces, maintenance, transportation, technical specifications, and many more. Use the manual!

Script manual

The URScript manual is another very useful resource. If you completed the E-Learning, you know how to develop with the graphical user interface on the teach pendant. However, for some development tasks, it is useful to be able to go a step deeper. This is where URScript comes in. You can use URScript with the teach pendant using the script node, or you can write URScript on your computer. You don’t need to learn URScript before you start, but when you start needing more information on URScript, make sure to use the script manual.

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