SMEW Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd

SMEW Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd

Cobots help triple production rates and deliver ROI in less than a year.

The drive to move up from an MSME to be an SME and further, along with increased productivity and precision is what led SMEW Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd. To choose Universal Robots’ cobots for their textile machine manufacturing. Being one of the most recent small-scale enterprises to implement collaborative robots, SMEW has improved its output by 300% within a year of deployment.

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The challenge

SMEW Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd. has been in the textile machine manufacturing business since 1958. They manufacture machines for soft package winding, rewinding, and customized machines for winding. It started off as a small family business which has flourished in Ahmedabad for over 50 years now.

Highlights from the case

Industry Plastic and Polymers
Country Asia
Number of Employees 5-25
Cobots used UR10

The solution

Keeping up with the competition and adopting the latest technological advancements the market are the needs of the hour. Thus, SMEW Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd. collaborated with Universal Robots and deployed their first UR10 robotic arm in January 2017. This was also in keeping with the lever of Human – Robot Collaboration of Industry 4.0 which is vital for SMEs to flourish in the new age of smart manufacturing.

The UR cobots are used for pick and place application. This was a new addition to the workforce but the simplicity and operator friendly features of the cobots made the completion of tasks easier and faster.

After the addition of the cobot to their manufacturing, SMEW realised that their production had increased from 30 pieces per week to 80-90 pieces per week; a 300% boost in production, over a brief period of 8 months. They have witnessed a return of investment in less than a year.

The staff too, is extremely satisfied with their new co-worker as the cobot is easy to program according to their requirements, and are enjoying working alongside robots.

This deployment was done by Universal Robots India’s leading distributor, Ms. Encon Systems based out of Gurgaon, North India. This success story stands testimonial to their stellar engineering work that they do with SMEs in the country.

The simplicity and the non-fencing requirement met our requirements specifically for these machines. Our operators find it very easy to use. The safety features are extremely important and the +/- 360° movement helps the robot to work in a constrained space. We hope to have a long-term relationship with Universal Robots.

Ashish Nagarsheth, MD
UR10 collaborative robot, SMEW Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd., IndiaUR10 collaborative robot, SMEW Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd., India

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