Grinding and Palletizing Cobots Boost Productivity and Free Up Manpower


In Short

Rivimetal, a manufacturing company specializing in aluminum car spare parts, faced the challenge of increasing productivity to remain competitive while suffering from a shortage of skilled personnel. Realizing that automation was the only way to overcome this challenge, Rivimetal partnered with Sabo Electric and Universal Robots to free their skilled workers from mundane, repetitive tasks. By deploying the modular, UR cobot-powered automation solution for grinding and palletizing. Rivimetal has added hundreds of production hours to its capacity annually, boosting productivity with up to 82%, resulting in the cobots paying for themselves within 15 months .

The Business Challenge

Rivimetal was using two people for grinding aluminum products, resulting in significant drops in productivity due to worker fatigue.. Rivimetal was further challenged by the professional manpower shortage and the need to increase production, prompting the Rivimetal team to make a shift; the company's skilled workers needed to be freed from mundane, repetitive tasks, which could be accomplished by cobots.


Industry Brass manufacturer
Country Greece
Number of Employees 25+
Cobot used UR10


Rivimetal's partnership with Sabo Electric and Universal Robots enabled the company to overcome the challenge of delays, creating a non-stop production line, transforming hardworking people into cobot operators. This collaboration has been instrumental in allowing Rivimetal to maximize efficiency and productivity, while also providing employees with the opportunity to develop new skills.

Compact, flexible and low financial risk

Compact, flexible and low financial risk

Sabo Electric's automation solution with UR10 has created a more flexible environment with a non-stop production line, providing workers with the opportunity to operate cobots and giving the industry the confidence to become more competitive. UR10 operates in a cycle that that includes grinding, palletizing, and covering each finished layer of palletized partys. Additionally, the implementation of a gripper that can perform all tasks has helped to make the system even more affordable, resulting in a low financial risk. A camera with a secure grip provides the flexibility to use the application with ease. This feature ensures that the product is held securely, allowing for a more reliable experience. A cost-effective solution that resulted in ROI in less than one year gave the company the confidence buy an additional UR10 for the same task.

UR Cobots Models Used:

About Rivimetal

Established in 1970 by Athanasios Rivios, RIVIMETAL began its journey by serving the local market with aluminum, zinc, and brass castings, specializing in the manufacture of castings for companies such as Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Fiat group and many more. Today, RIVIMETAL is a leading specialist in the production of high-pressure die castings alloys, and is widely regarded as one of the best Greek companies in terms of quality, flexibility, and competitive world prices in castings.

Automation challenges solved:

  • Production increased up to 82%
  • Unbeatable production consistency
  • Fatigued workers freed up from demanding grinding tasks
  • No changes required to manufacturing floor set-up
  • Ability to automate high/low volume production

Key value drivers:

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Short ROI: Less than 12 months
  • Intuitive software - no programming skills needed

Tasks solved by collaborative robots:

  • Grinding of aluminum parts, depalletizing and palletizing with slip sheets.

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