The Future of Craftsmanship. Leveraging Automation to Pay Higher Wages

Episode summary

In this episode of the ReAutomated podcast, Chris interviews Graham MacPherson, CEO of Go Fast Campers. Inspired by a family history in Baja racing and a desire to create durable, high-quality truck bed tents, Graham co-founded the company.

Automation played a crucial role in scaling production and maintaining quality, allowing for on-the-fly changes to meet customer needs.

Graham emphasizes the importance of domestic manufacturing for the economy and the future of automation in the industry. The episode also touches on Graham's potential book, lean manufacturing, and the value of collaboration in the manufacturing sector.


Episode notes:

Key discussions in this second part includes:

  • Inspiration behind founding Go Fast Campers
  • Challenges faced in production
  • Role of automation in manufacturing approach
  • Importance of domestic manufacturing
  • Graham's background and experience before starting Go Fast Campers
  • Vertical integration and its impact on the company
  • Collaborative automation and its role in the business
  • On-the-fly changes in production and customer adaptation
  • Tools used for tracking revisions in production
  • Making domestic manufacturing affordable and appealing to American customers

Host: Chris Savoia

Producer and editing: Andreas Haagen Birch

Editor: Morten Vium

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