How to Retain and Recruit Employees in Manufacturing

Episode summary

In this podcast episode, Chris hosts Jake Hall, known as the Manufacturing Millennial, who shares his journey and insights about the manufacturing industry. He gives actionable advice for manufacturers on how to attract and retain talent. This includes generational differences in work attitudes, the need for flexible work options, and the importance of engaging with local communities. Jake also highlights the need to change perceptions about manufacturing careers.


Episode notes:

Key discussions in this second part includes:

  • Jake's background in manufacturing and his journey as the Manufacturing Millennial
  • Different outlooks on work among different generations
  • The challenge of implementing flexible work in the manufacturing industry
  • Shift in benefits and lack of awareness about long-term benefits and growth opportunities
  • Importance of engaging with local communities and younger generations in manufacturing
  • Initiatives in West Michigan to promote manufacturing and career readiness
  • Availability of programs and resources for individuals interested in manufacturing
  • Barriers to automation adoption and the role of automation in job creation
  • Jake’s recipe for smoking the perfect ribs

Host: Chris Savoia

Producer and editing: Andreas Haagen Birch

Editor: Morten Vium

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