Medical & cosmetics

With easy deployment, robot set-up for medical and cosmetic applications is typically measured in hours or days, not weeks. Lightweight cobot arms can be easily moved from one process to another on mobile carts, and a single robot can often tend multiple machines.

Collaborative robots in Medical & cosmetics

As medical and cosmetic product lifecycles shrink, collaborative automation provides manufacturing agility. Robot arms from Universal Robots can be used to maximize output and ensure consistent quality—and then can be quickly redeployed for new product lines. Cobots are used throughout the industry to tend machines and conveyors; precisely assemble devices and products; and kit and package items into blister packs, cartons, or pallets.

Cobots help you reduce the risk of human contamination in sensitive processes and clean environments. UR collaborative robot arms can be used for sterile, precise handling and assembly of medical devices or implants. Robots can also relieve workers from material handling jobs in dusty, loud, and high-vibration operations, allowing them to move to higher-value tasks. And with UR+ certified vision systems, cobots can perform detailed quality inspections.

Cobots have increased process accuracy with a single click. Before the cobots, we had different set-ups that would require 60 to 70 minutes to install. Thanks to cobots, we can now shift to a different application with a click of a button

Mayur Raut, Manager, Production Unit, L'Oréal India


Quickly and easily adapt to new products, even low-volume or quick-turn jobs. Collaborative robot arms can be reprogrammed and redeployed in-house, and can even be mounted on carts for easy mobility.



Increase productivity by optimizing utilization of equipment and workers. Cobots can work reliably around the clock without breaks, producing consistently higher-quality products and reducing scrap. And ROI typically occurs in less than a year.



Repetitive tasks are undesirable for human workers, whose attention can slip after hours of the same process. Cobots can reliably perform delicate assembly and consistently load and unload machines for higher quality and reduced scrap.

Choose the right collaborative robot for your applications

A range of Universal Robots models are available to address automation needs from precision tasks to long reach and high payload requirements. The UR10e model is widely used in automotive applications to address diverse processes.

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