BotX™ Cobot Welding System

BotX™ Cobot Welding System


BotX™ is a flexible solution that allows you to quickly increase your production capacity and consistently weld complex parts with high quality without making a capital investment.

Red-D-Arc offers flexible options—BotX can be rented or leased on a short-term or long-term basis so you can try it with no commitment and even return it if your production needs slow down. You can also purchase BotX if you want to make it a permanent member of your team.

From installation through training, you’ll receive white-glove service. Red-D-Arc and Airgas welding process specialists install the system on your site and train your team to use it. Following set up, you have access to 24/7 remote support so you can always reach a Red-D-Arc welding specialist for technical support. On average, support requests are responded to in about two minutes.

Our flexible business model helps you minimize downtime. If your system experiences an issue that cannot be solved via the app, a service technician is quickly dispatched to your site and the faulty component is quickly swapped out at no charge for rental and lease customers. Customers who have purchased the system have the option to rent the component needed until theirs is repaired. Either way, you are able to resume production without waiting for weeks or even months for repairs.

Contact Red-D-Arc today for more information or to give BotX a try.

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