NONEAD nPalletizer_CB2

NONEAD nPalletizer_CB2


Tired of the backbreaking work of palletizing heavy loads? Look no further with Nonead's palletizing solution nPalletizer_CB2. Our nPalletizer_CB2 is the solution for businesses looking to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing strain on their employees.

Our palletizing solution ensures that every load is accurately and safely palletized. And thanks to its intuitive interface and simple programming, it's easy to set up and start using right away.

But that's not all - our palletizing cobot is also incredibly versatile as it adopts modular design. So it offers flexible deployment and ease of use. Plus, with its compact design, it can be easily integrated into existing workflows without taking up valuable space on the factory floor.

So why wait? Upgrade your palletizing process today with our innovative palletizing cobot. Experience increased efficiency, productivity, and safety in your operations, and give your employees the relief they deserve.

The system includes all the components needed for palletizing including feasibility check, integration services, risk assessment and training. You can now palletize easier with the deployment of nPalletizer_CB2. 

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