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Palletizing is an end-of-line task performed in almost all production facilities. Therefore, a reliable and efficient palletizing system is crucial to business continuity. Yet, it can quickly become a bottleneck, and here's why:

There's a ramping labor shortage in the manufacturing industry. People don't want to perform such strenuous tasks Workers face high injury risks, which can lead to prolonged absences. Hiring and packaging costs are increasing daily.

That's why you should consider collaborative robotic palletizing. Collaborative robots can work hours without breaks, which means you can significantly increase your production output and get your products to the market faster.

Robotic palletizing is also a safer option for your workers. With cobots handling the heavy lifting and stacking, there is less risk of injury or strain on your employees.

Palletizing Advantages

Increase Productivity Capable of running with no downtime to increase output or cover unexpected staff shortages
Labor & Ergonomics Protect your workers' health and safety with a cobot to handle repetitive lifting (up to 20kg).
Compact Design Our cobots have a compact design and a low footprint, making them easy to install in existing production environments.
Quick Payback Average ROI in 12 months and ongoing operational cost savings. There are also leasing options available.
Robotic palletizing is also a safer option for your workers. With cobots handling the heavy lifting and stacking, there is less risk of injury or strain on your employees.
Dariusz Ratajczak

Dariusz Ratajczak

Automation Senior Specialist at Unilever

“Each year a decreasing number of people apply for positions related to palletizing in our plants. This is a key process which has to be performed efficiently. For packaging we needed a robot with enough reach of the arm. The task that the robot needed to fulfill consisted of picking various boxes with tea and placing them on a pallet.”

Turnkey solutions for your palletizing needs

Turnkey solutions for your palletizing needs

Get the best outcome from your cobot solution.

From project idea to loading products onto the pallets, Universal Robots provides you with expert advice and the resources to get your cobot palletizing cell running quickly and efficiently

You can find the products and services to create your palletizing solution within UR's ecosystem of trusted partners. From solution partners and OEMs prepared to build a tailored palletizing solution for your business, to the largest showroom of cobot end-effectors, there’s a frictionless path to answer your palletizing needs.

Create a simulation to understand parameters like reachability, what the cobot can reach, and what it looks like in real life.

Teach reachability in a simulation

Find your Collaborative Robot

Selecting the right collaborative robot for your palletizing solution is a crucial first step to its success. UR10e and the UR20 cobots are the most suitable for end-of-line palletizing applications due to their reach and payload capacity.

UR10e is a flexible cobot widely used in packaging and palletizing tasks.

UR20 is a cobot built for heavier payloads, faster speeds, and superior motion control.

UR20 Size

UR20 Size

UR20 Reach

UR20 Reach

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