Easy Pick and Drive Screwdriving System .2 - 12 Nm

Easy Pick and Drive Screwdriving System .2 - 12 Nm

Southwestern PTS

The easy, industry 4.0 ready automated screwdriving solution. This kit comes complete with a Desoutter CVIR controller and 1 of 3 ERS tool models availbale: ERS2, ERS6, ERS12. The kit also comes with a screw presenter for magnetic screws 2-6mm in diameter up to 25mm in length. All I/O connections will be pre-wired on the Desoutter tool side and will include three I/O modules to easily plug and play on the existing Universal Robot controller. This is a great setup for vertical down screwdiving small screws up to 12Nm in torque. Contact Southwestern PTS with any questions about your application!


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