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RB-THERON+ is one of the most advanced mobile manipulators on the global market. Thanks to a compact and versatile design, it can operate effectively in confined spaces where other robots would struggle for mobility, making it particularly useful for precise tasks that require precision.

Fully compatible for integration with Universal Robots’ arms, it facilitates implementation and extends the range of tasks that RB-THERON+ can perform autonomously, offering operational capabilities in a variety of environments.

The extended battery life and intelligent control allow it to provide continuous service during a standard work shift, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

In addition, the Advanced User Interface (Human Machine Interface) has been developed to simplify the programming and commissioning process.

The RB-THERON+ Software has a modular architecture with a comprehensive set of more than 400 ROS packages that can be customized to offer turnkey and full-stack solutions, covering a wide range of applications using C++, C, Python, HTML and PHP.

RB-THERON+ is committed to compliance with ISO 3691-4 and ISO 13482 safety standards, as well as being equipped with safety options such as an integrated anti-collision system or an emergency stop switch.



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