Education & science

UR robots are used throughout the education, scientific, and research communities to create a foundation for accurate information-gathering and analysis, to develop new technologies, and to educate future generations.

Collaborative robots in education & science

Safe around students (after a risk assessment), intuitive and easy-to-program cobots are used in vocational and technical programs to teach valuable and up-to-date automation skills to teens and adults to help address the manufacturing skills gap. Cobots are also used to support sophisticated higher-education projects in a range of study areas.

Small, lightweight cobots are cost-effective to deploy and can fit in small labs and on classroom tables. A Universal Robots robot arm consistently follows exact processes and pre-defined workflows with high repeatability around the clock. Cobots excel in strict laboratory environments and for analyses that need to avoid the possibility of human contamination. In many cases, these are also dull, repetitive, difficult, and potentially dangerous tasks that are unsuitable for lab technicians.

Intuitive, flexible programming allows even non-robotics students to easily take advantage of the benefits of automation without distracting them from their primary subject matter. And with the growth of collaborative automation in industries around the world, students with cobot experience bring valuable skills to employers right out of school.

We did some research and realized that Universal Robots had one of the best collaborative robots on the market. We always want to stay ahead of where manufacturing is going to ensure that when our students leave this facility, they can use the equipment adapted by industry

Ritch Ramey, Coordinator, RAMTEC


Cobots’ easy programming lets students and researchers quickly adapt to new projects. Collaborative robot arms can be reprogrammed and redeployed, and programs can be saved for later use. Small and lightweight, cobots can be flexibly mounted on tabletops, desks, or carts for easy mobility.



Affordable, lightweight, and easy-to-program collaborative robots are ideal for educational and lab settings. After a risk assessment is performed, the robots can be used without bulky and expensive safety caging. And programs can be created and saved to support multiple workflows and classes.



Repetitive tasks are undesirable for technicians and students, whose attention can slip after hours of the same process. With high repeatability, cobots can reliably perform precise, delicate assembly and consistently load and unload materials for higher quality and reduced waste.

Choose the right collaborative robot for your applications

A range of Universal Robots models are available to address automation needs from precision tasks to long reach and high payload requirements. The UR10e model is widely used in automotive applications to address diverse processes.

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