UR cobots bring industry 4.0 learning to vocational classrooms

Vocational schools of Moravian-Silesian region

In short

The scope of the public tender “Education for Industry 4.0” was to integrate collaborative robots into six vocational schools in the Moravian-Silesian region in the Czech Republic. Thanks to system integrator MP Line s.r.o. and Exactec – distributor of Universal Robots, students of schools in Ostrava, Opava, Karviná, Frýdek-Místek and Havířov can now enroll in courses specifically focused on working with collaborative robots. Project was financed by funds from the EU, Ministry of Regional Development, and the Moravian-Silesian region.

The rapid changes across all industries demand new competences and knowledge from job applicants. To keep up with the industry development, specialized vocational schools need to adjust study plans accordingly in order to prepare students for the future. “In our school, we believe that future belongs to collaborative robotics. We wanted to give our students the opportunity to work with these systems before they get their jobs,” says Eduard Polák, teacher at SPŠEI Ostrava. “Our recent research showed that students are very interested in working with robots. We have now been able to open two specialized courses focused on introduction to collaborative robotics,” says Vítězslav Doleží, principal of SŠPU Opava.

Vocational schools of Moravian-Silesian region

Industry Education and Science
Country Europe
Number of Employees 1000+
Cobot used UR3e
Video — Vocational schools of Moravian-Silesian region, Czech Republic

The solution

System integrator MP Line s.r.o. equipped new cobot classrooms with a whole variety of complex solutions featuring UR3 cobots from Universal Robots. The UR3s are installed in the classrooms showcasing as many applications as possible in a relatively small space. Conveyor belts are available at each station, enabling students to complete advanced pick & place tasks. Each UR3 cobot has a special gripper installed, designed exclusively by the company MP Line, challenging students to perform even more advanced tasks. In order to ensure the maximum safety of all students, laser scanners are installed to stop or slow down the cobot in non-collaborative mode when someone is in the way. These safety solutions had to be installed in each classroom.

“Students are interactively working with the cobot,” says the teacher Eduard Polák. “They are programming the robotic arm, gripping various objects from the conveyor belt. Every day, we are impressed by the user friendliness of Universal Robots that the students appreciate too.” With Universal Robots, all vocational schools were able to increase productivity and learning goals from their specialized courses.

We want to prepare students as best as we can for their future job, and for that we need practical education. Universal Robots offered solutions that students can customize and program to their preference, and the feedback we received so far is very positive

Vítězslav Doleží, Principal of SŠPU Opava.
UR3 Collaborative Robot, Czech RepublicUR3 Collaborative Robot, Czech RepublicUR3 Collaborative Robot, Czech RepublicUR3 Collaborative Robot, Czech Republic

Automation challenges solved:

  • Integration of products from the UR+ portfolio on each station
  • Fast deployment of cobots
  • Safe and easy access to each station
  • Ability to interact with cobots in a space restrained area
  • Fast programming of cobots by students

Key value drivers:

  • Increasing awareness of Universal Robots brand among students
  • Intuitive programming of Universal Robots cobots
  • Safety of students while programming cobots
  • Flexibility of the automation solutions available at each station

Tasks solved by collaborative robots:

  • Introduce students to collaborative robotics for their future job occupation
  • Equip specialized classrooms with complex solutions from Universal Robots
  • Teach students at vocational schools how to program cobots

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