Reducing stress injuries with the help of UR cobots

YUEYIN Technology

In short

YUEYIN Technology’s Memory Module Production Line is equipped with four UR5 robots. The robots' flexible deployment and fast set-up enable YUEYIN Technology to arrange equipment on their production line and adjust processes, accelerating the innovation of work flow to deliver high-quality customized products. For each UR5 robot that YUEYIN purchased, their return on investment is on average 8-9 months.

As consumers’ purchasing behavior is ever-changing, the production of end-user products shifts towards small quantity and diversified production models. YUEYIN Technology, a company with experiences in electronic components OEM, is stepping into Industry 4.0 and hoping to raise their technological abilities and optimize existing equipment.

The business transformation

YUEYIN Technology used custom-made automatic production machines; however, as consumers changed their purchasing behavior, the machinery life cycle shortened as well. Even though data showed high profits and ROI in other possible solutions, due to a long payback period, the company wasn't able to find a suitable solution but to increase its workforce to fulfill production needs. Since then, YUEYIN Technology started reaching out for a better way to maintain equipment and extend the life of older tooling.

Working on YUEYIN Technology’s Memory Module Production Line also required had repetitive hand movements that caused employee fatigue and chance of occupational challenges which would lead to applying uneven force on components, affecting production quality.

YUEYIN Technology

Industry Electronics and Technology
Country Asia
Number of Employees 100-500
Cobots used UR5
Video — 4 x UR5 Robot, YUEYIN Technology, Taiwan

A variety of functions automated

YUEYIN Technology’s Memory Module Production Line is now equipped with four UR5 Robots in three separate process stations; executing laser marking, PCB cutting and SPD auto burning process operations. The UR robot in the laser marking process is responsible for putting the PCB board into the semi-automatic laser marking machine and checking if the board is well placed to start the process. After the laser marking is done; the UR5 checks whether serial number, model number and trademark are correctly marked on the PCB board through the augmented visual recognition function.

Automated PCB handling

Automated PCB handling

The other UR robot in the PCB cutting process fully simulate human action and is responsible for placing the PCB board into the semi-automatic PCB cutting machine. When the PCB cutting is complete, the robot removes the PCB board from the semi-automatic PCB cutting machine. When the tray is full, it will replace it with a new tray to continue the operation.

Working together to increase efficiency

Working together to increase efficiency

During the SPD auto burning process, there is a special collaboration between two UR5 robots. One is responsible for feeding material into the burn-in board, while the second is responsible for placing a PCB board into the tray after the burn-in is complete. The highlight of the whole process is the angle and time savings as two UR5 robots work together. The UR robot's easy programming feature makes the programming simple. All the engineer has to do is move the robot arm or tap the arrow keys on the touchscreen tablet to complete the UR5 robot's movement setting.

Increasing the value of existing equipment

Increasing the value of existing equipment

After the installation of UR5 robots, YUEYIN Technology benefits from features of fast set-up, flexible deployment and safety, accelerating innovation in work flow while increasing the value of existing equipment. After reaching the end of the product life cycle, 90% of the equipment can be applied to other new production, avoiding the problem that costs might not be covered.

Reduced occupational hazards

Reduced occupational hazards

In addition, the installation of UR5 robots also greatly reduce the chances of staff's occupational hazards such as the laser in laser marking process, glass fiber dust in PCB cutting process, and physical discomfort caused by repetitive hand movements in SPD auto burning process. UR5 robots bring better working quality and safety to YUEYIN Technology's staff. Another remarkable fact is that UR cobots give YUEYIN Technology a more flexible workforce arrangement, having more employees in management positions, raising staff’s job value and sense of achievement.

Automation challenges solved:

  • Production line efficiency and yield rate
  • Reduction in operation cost
  • Safely relieve repetitive stress injury with employees
  • Reduction of staff workload

Key value drivers:

  • Reduction of routine work
  • Maximal rate of automation of production processes

Tasks solved by collaborative robots:

  • Laser marking and cutting
  • Memory Module making

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