Danish company doubles revenue with UR cobots


In short

For the Danish short-run production company Stantræk, automation means growth. Two robotic arms with flexible deployment have enabled the company to expand production and nearly double revenue without significant increases in payroll. Stantræk was facing severe competition from Eastern European countries with lower wage requirements and had trouble winning job bids. The only way to go was to find a way to grow without hiring more people in the production.


Industry Metal and Machining
Country Europe
Number of Employees 25-50
Cobots used UR5
Video — UR5 robot, Stantræk, Denmark

There have been no complaints about the UR5s. Our employees quickly realised that the robots play a key role in generating revenue and have helped us get back on an even keel after the recession,

Frank Barbarus, COO

A worthy investment

Stantræk invested in two UR5 from Universal Robots and these quickly contributed to boosting the bottom line. From 2008 to 2013, revenue nearly doubled from $4M to $7M, while the number of employees increased only from 21 to 28. It’s all down to automation.

One of the UR5 robots, for instance, is used to produce mechanical components that are first placed in a stamping machine and then in a box. An experienced worker can place 400 items in a box per hour – and while the robotic arm only handles 300 items in the same time it is still comes out ahead. Because a robot doesn’t need a pay-check, breaks or paid vacation. And the robots have been well received by the employees at Stantræk. In fact, the easy-to-programme robotic arms have turned out to be quite the attraction for innovative employees. Poul Lave who works in the production is one them:

“I actually found a way to save three seconds in the production of each item because I used the teach function, allowing me to simply grab the robot arm and show it the desired motion. This enabled me to tweak the robot movements to make the UR5 move more smoothly. Before, the robot handled approximately four items per minute, now it finishes six per minute.” As a result of Poul Lave’s effort the UR5 can now process the entire content of a box four times faster than before.

UR5 collaborative robot, Stantræk, Denmark
UR5 collaborative robot, Stantræk, Denmark

Automation challenges solved:

  • Automating for growth
  • Staffing issues

Key value drivers:

  • Easy programming
  • Flexible deployment
  • Fast payback

Tasks solved by collaborative robots:

  • Machine tending

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