UR cobots and staff work side by side to eliminate defects and waste


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Power tool manufacturer, Rupes, made a bold commitment to eliminating defects and waste on its production line, whilst improving the working conditions of its excellent workforce. Here's how it deployed UR robots to collaborate with its human workers, and supercharge its levels of production.

Becoming a global leader in tools for polishing and sanding means being at the forefront of innovation. For 50 years, RUPES has honed its production processes, whilst never compromising on its investment in people. In its quest for ever-leaner and smarter production, RUPES made a commitment to “zero defects” in its products – and approached Universal Robots for an automation solution that would augment its excellent workforce, minimise wastage and bring about immediate results.


Industry Furniture and Equipment
Country Europe
Number of Employees 100-500
Cobots used UR3
Video — UR3 robot, Rupes, Italy

RUPES made a commitment to “zero defects” in its products

RUPES, commitment
Taking over strenuous tasks

Taking over strenuous tasks

RUPES deployed UR robots on its production line to take over strenuous and repetitive tasks, and free up human workers to perform more rewarding duties. Staff found the robots easy and quick to install and program, and they had an immediate impact – maintaining product quality and improving productivity.

The flexibility of the robots meant they were easy to deploy in different areas of the factory, and quickly reprogram for assembling other products, under tight deadlines.

Precise positioning and force control

Precise positioning and force control

RUPES manufactures electric tools, including grinders, sanders and polishers, with many small parts. The tightening phase of assembly is often the most difficult – if a screw is not placed in the perfect position and tightened to the optimal degree, there is a higher risk of breakage and production stoppages. UR's robots were able to solve this problem with ease, with precise positioning and force control to ensure that every screw was fixed to the exact specification.

Prioritizing staff safety

Prioritizing staff safety

The company also customised the advanced safety features of the robots to provide additional protection for its staff.

As a result of this successful implementation of UR robots, RUPES achieved its commitment to "zero defects". Now, it is adopting additional collaborative robots to perform other manufacturing processes.

Automation challenges solved:

  • Relieve workforce of heavy, repetitive tasks.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce defects and waste.
  • Adapt to different processes.

Key value drivers:

  • Efficiency and performance
  • Quality and staff satisfaction
  • Reduced costs through waste minimization

Tasks solved by collaborative robots:

  • Assembly

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