The perfect painting match with robotics to a colourful challenge.

In a business where 0,001 gram makes the difference between success and failure, robotics comes in handy. With assistance from a Universal Robot, the Czech producer of pigment pastes, REPLAC-BM, now mixes and tests new samples not only at a lower cost, but also with far greater accuracy.

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The challenge

For Czech producer of pigment pastes, REPLAC-BM, accuracy and repeatability is everything. In order to allow purchasers to mix the paint exactly according to their colour charts, the mixing formulas need to be precise down to the milligram. Up until now, the process of producing pigment pastes has been liable to human error with technicians taking care of most measuring and mixing. Now, with the introduction of robotics, the company aims to perfect the process.

“Our goal was not to replace human technicians, but to bring the whole process of developing mixing formulas to a much higher level”, says Roman Berný, owner and director of REPLAC-BM.

Highlights from the case

Industry Medical and Cosmetics
Country Europe
Number of Employees 5-25
Cobots used UR5

Our goal was not to replace human technicians, but to bring the whole process of developing mixing formulas to a much higher level

Roman Berný, Owner and Director

The solution

To reach that next level in precise paint production, REPLAC-BM acquired a micro dispenser, a spectrophometer, and a UR5 robot to operate both.

Equipped with customized gripping devices, the robotic arm handles delicate tasks such as moving cups from micro-dispenser to mixing machine, applying lids, inserting colour cards into a barcode reader, and measuring the finished hue with the spectrophometer.

The robot manages all steps of the process - except those where the sensitivity of the human hand is indespensable - completely on its own and 10 times faster than the average technician.

With its built-in safety features, the UR5 makes it possible for technicians to work right alongside it in a confined space. This allowed REPLAC-BM to continue operation without having to invest in larger facilities.

Roman Berný does not quantify the benefits of the UR5 in financial savings, but in the quality of the end product. And the quality has never been better with colourful accuracy in every single delivery.

UR5 collaborative robot, REPLAC-BM, Czech RepublicUR5 collaborative robot, REPLAC-BM, Czech RepublicUR10 collaborative robot, Profatec AG, Switzerland

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