UR20 robot: Migatronic is forging an exciting future for welding


In Short

As one of the world's leading suppliers of welding machines, Migatronic also stands as one of the pioneers in collaborative welding. Following the early adopter spirit, the company rapidly started harnessing the UR20 robot's extended reach for welding by incorporating it into Migatronic's established CoWelder solution.

A Craft that Shapes the World

Welding is an essential craft that underpins the creation of some of the most striking structures worldwide; it can be used virtually in any industry, whether for offshore wind turbines, shipbuilding, or heavy metal industries.

Migatronic is a renowned company with over 50 years of experience in producing welding machines. In 1985, they ventured into the automated department dedicated solely to innovative automated welding solutions. Their journey led them to collaborative welding and developing the remarkable CoWelder system. This welding system matches the welding expertise of Migatronic and the precision of the Universal Robots' robotic arm.


Industry Metal and Machining
Country Denmark
Number of Employees 200+
Cobot used UR20
Components used CoWelder from Migatronic

What makes Universal Robots special is the open platform they have. They created this intuitive software on which we can create our own welding system. We could start all over and just build whatever we think is the easiest welding cobot for our end user.

Rasmus Tønnov From, Product Manager at Migatronic
Watch how Migatronic is forging an exciting future for welding with the UR20 robot
Rethinking welding jobs

Rethinking welding jobs

In welding, a common concern often arises when the topic is robotics – the fear of job displacement. Yet, as history has consistently shown, the introduction of automation technologies like the CoWelder doesn't result in job losses but rather in more opportunities. Michael Andersen, welding expert at Migatronic, explains: "[with the collaborative welding] you can get more items done throughout the day, so that means you are getting busier. So you have to hire new people."

Counting on collaborative robots' support proves particularly useful when working with large quantities of identical, uncomplicated welds.

if you have 2,000 items that you have to weld a simple weld, you don't want to do that because that's too boring for skilled welders. They can do the funniest things.

Michael Andersen, welding expert at Migatronic
Leveraging on In-House Expertise

Leveraging on In-House Expertise

Migatronic has extensive in-house knowledge of welding automated solutions, which ensures they understand every aspect of their technology and continuously strive for innovation and improvement.

One of the standout features of the CoWelder system is its user-friendly programming. Depending on the specific requirements, additional functions can be seamlessly integrated, allowing for precision and flexibility in welding tasks.

The UR20's Long-Awaited Extended Reach

The UR20's Long-Awaited Extended Reach

Incorporating the UR20 robot in the CoWelder pushes the boundaries of the welding system's capabilities even further. With an extended reach of 1,750 mm (68.9 in), welders can program the robot to weld bigger workpieces.

Migatronic realizes that at times only 80-90% of the piece can be welded on a UR10e CoWelder solution, and customers would then finish the piece manually or by manually rotate it. Now, with the UR20, Migatronic is confident that they can finish pieces like these solely using the robotic welding system.

The Power of Collaboration with Universal Robots

The Power of Collaboration with Universal Robots

Universal Robots' open platform approach has always been vital to CoWelder's success. The open-ended software design philosophy empowers experts such as Migatronic to develop software on top of it and create their welding system.

The ongoing partnership between Migatronic and Universal Robots seeks to maximize customer value by blending Migatronic's expertise in automated solutions with Universal Robots' advanced technology.

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